Heritage Art Exhibition at the George

New date set for the opening of the exhibition – 1st October at 10am

During the summer term Wickham Market Primary School children completed two Heritage Art Projects that were initiated by the George Community Pub as part of their heritage activities programme. The first project was for pupils to illustrate five prominent heritage buildings on our High Street culminating in an exhibition of 65 paintings on the hoarding that surrounds the George. The exhibition starts on Saturday 1st October at 10am and is being opened by Suffolk County Councillor Alexander Nicoll. All are invited to the launch.

Not only will you learn more about the heritage of our village but there is a very moving display of paintings of the Queen completed by the children during her Jubilee year. 

In the second project pupils from the School conducted interviews with some of our more senior residents in order to compare life as it is today. The interviews were recorded and now provide a fascinating insight to the memories of a different generation.