Good progress has been made recently with appointments of key consultants to the project team including an Acoustician, Structural Engineer, Mechanical & Electrical Engineer, and Access Advisor.

See below for more information about what the consultants will be doing for the project,

We have also had an asbestos survey – with no problems – a bat survey – with no problems – a CCTV survey of the chimney – again no problems – but found a hedgehog fast asleep in the fireplace. Needless to say, we left it there undisturbed. And when we were clearing the site, we also found a small ring in the yard. At some point we will try to find its owner.

The Acoustician has visited the site to set up microphones to measure daytime, evening, and night-time background noise levels. These will be used to determine the sound insulation requirements of the external envelope in line with methodology agreed with Local Authority. They will go on to work closely with the design team to review specifications to achieve appropriate acoustic standards.

The Structural Engineer is also due to visit the site soon. He will be heavily involved in the project at every stage and be responsible for advising on such as earthworks, excavation, ground stabilisation, demolition, foundations, party walls, drainage, sewage, surfacing, etc.

The Access Advisor will cover the Construction and Conservation works. The Consultant will liaise with the design team to ensure that access issues are fully co-ordinated between the different elements of works which include physical layout and circulation, way finding and orientation, access to buildings, lighting, colour schemes, flooring/surface finishes, seating, and Information & Communications Technology (ICT).

The Mechanical & Electrical Engineer will cover all the construction and conservation works relating to the whole of the site. Their responsibilities cover a range of services covering mechanical work elements, electrical work elements, and plumbing.