The Project to save The George

High Level Project Plan for the restoration of The George as at Dec 2022

Overview of the planning process

Initial planning was completed as part of the Feasibility Study and input to the National Lottery Heritage Fund (HF) grant application. In accordance with HF requirements, the Project Plan is divided into two distinct parts.  The first part is the Development Phase which takes the project up to, and including, successful planning approval.

The principle consultants for the project are to be selected and appointed immediately at the beginning of the Development Phase. In this stage Design Studies, Engineering Analysis and Cost Exercises are undertaken to test Architectural Concept resulting in a ‘Spatially Coordinated design. The last activities are the submission and approval of the planning application.

At the end of this stage there will be a critical review by HF of our performance during the whole Development Phase and of information assembled for application for the funds for the Development Phase.  Time is allowed in the Project Plan for these activities.

The second part of the Project Plan is the Delivery Phase. In this stage the design details are advanced to the point where all design information required to manufacture and construct the project is completed ready for presentation to the Main building Contractor.

During this period the tendering process for the Main Building Contractor is completed and a preferred contractor selected. All building and restoration works are then completed leading to completion of the project and the opening of the pub for business.

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