The George bygone – February

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February seems to be a bit of a ‘slow’ news month for the George in the past. Obviously, though, it is a big month for the ‘New’ George with the public meeting to present our Feasibility Study Results on the 10th from 3.30 pm (see blog for more details). We do, however, have another one of Robert Adam’s typically terse advertisements (see The George bygone – January) from the Suffolk Chronicle in February 1857, soon after he took over the pub; this time for a ‘sporting’ challenge.

Livestock prizes were quite common at all sorts of village events and were, perhaps, a forerunner of pub ‘meat raffles’. This also suggests that the 3-ish acres of arable land, traditionally let with The George, was still attached at this date for the match to take place over.

Given our aims, it was amazing to find the following article recently (from the Suffolk Chronicle of December 13th, 1845).

The Public Room cost £200 to build, this might be as much as c £685,000 in today’s money (there are various ways of calculating price equivalents). Once built, as stated, it was used by both public bodies and social and recreational groups. It later became the Foresters Hall and now carries on as the British Legion Club. We think our “unanimity and good feeling” has survived the long Feasibility Study process, as we will demonstrate on the 10th, particularly at the ‘Pop-up George’ after the meeting.

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